G20: You should have stayed home - Review

I just finished watching the Fifth Estate’s episode entitled “You should have stayed home”</a>. I thought it was a well-balanced piece of journalism, namely the fact that it highlighted what the mainstream have covered during the protests in Toronto. It didn’t focus on the burning police car, or the ton of riot porn, but instead went after the facts of the arrests and shown a good amount of the crazy video that was captured by independent media and put on YouTube.

The thing that I find the most interesting is the interview with Chief Bill Blair. You see, Bill Blair is in a very interesting position, namely the fact that he wasn’t in charge during the G20 protests any more than Jim Chu of the Vancouver Police Department could control the V2010ISU forces that were in Vancouver looking to play “hippie beat down”. Also, the things that he says don’t contradict what was said by Anarchists on the ground either. However, since he’s the Chief of Police in Toronto, he’s the big fat target.

The thing that I’m very disappointed about when it comes to the Fifth Estate story is the question of who the fuck was in charge? Nobody is asking this. Bill Blair hints at it, talking about the Command Center in Barrie, ON. Bill Blair refuses to talk about investigations and intelligence that was gathered, and everything stays very quiet. However, I have no idea how in a documentary about the G20, the G8-G20 Integrated Security Unit can get away so completely scott free. Blair even says after viewing another shot that “Those were not my officers”, and it’s clear that they weren’t since one of them in the video that he was shown had OPP on his shoulder.

So, the big question that the Fifth Estate failed to ask was these questions: