How to not write an article about the Olympics

This blog is mostly meant to remain on topic. However, Dawn, a friend of mine at Vancouver Media Coop, directed my attention to this sad piece of work</a> that shows just why the Vancouver Media Coop is important.

In case you don’t feel like clicking on the link, I’ll just summarize it. Basically, the author was at the Commercial Drive Anti-Olympics protest, which in my opinion was one of the most successful protests against the Olympics, and they talked to the Carnival Band who decided that they didn’t want to take a harder line than just playing music everywhere. Then she quotes Mike Usinger from the Georgia Straight, where he glibly talks about how people don’t protest people going to Propagandhi shows.

The next three paragraphs are basically stroking Am Johal’s ego and talking about how they were able to get their message out (Wait, what WAS their message again? Some vague thing about housing??)</em>. Given that Am Johal wasn’t actually at most of the Anti-Olympic actions that occurred and did his best to remain a neutral party (until V2010ISU chewed him out for the incident that happened at Harbour Center on Nov 2009 that got me on a file), I don’t understand what he has to do with the Olympics other than trying for tiny reforms and generally being eclipsed by the actions of the BCCLA, let alone the Olympic Resistance Network.

Finally, the writer decides to interview a member of the board of the BCCLA, who denounced the militant actions of the Black Bloc during the 2010 Games. In fact, the writer then links to this article, which is much better written, which talks about the split that happened between the social democratic reformer people</a> and the radical anarchists who were a part of the Olympic Resistance Network’s various groups.

The thing about the Tyee article is that Chris Shaw is right. The Olympic Resistance Network could never exist now. Now that we know which people are trustworthy, and which people are sellout politicians. There are other groups that will never trust each other due to the collosal fuck ups that happened during the Olympics, and many people, myself included who would rather just stay home and ATIP/FOI the fuck out of the V2010ISU after the fact to see exactly what the fuck happened with the hope that those who attack the state have more knowledge and know what to expect.

But anyway, back to this article. This article is supposed to be about protest, but it talks to groups who don’t actually protest anything. BCCLA doesn’t protest, it observes. The Impact on Communities Coalition didn’t really protest anything. It had some feel-good events and panels, but those weren’t protest. The Carnival Band just marches around being a Carnival Band. None of these things are ACTUAL PROTEST, let alone resistance. If that is the face of Protest, we’re so beyond fucked, there’s no hope for the future.

Luckily, that article has no basis on reality, and resistance is fertile. I’ll post a list of events so you can “Relive the Moment”.