Thoughts on BC Ferries

Recently, a friend of mine did a Freedom of Information request on the BC Ferries WiFi system</a> after we both realized that BC Ferries was in fact blocking websites. I first found it after clicking on a YouTube link on my phone, and again when I loaded up Beyond Robson. According to BC Ferries, Beyond Robson is porn.

Anyway, the funny thing about BC Ferries censoring the Internet is that in the year 2011. There are tons of people with an iPhone or an Android device, and most people can tether, so the people it hurts are the following:

  • WIND/Moblicity customers</li>
  • Travellers from other countries who don't want to pay the Telco Monopoly</li>
  • People who for some reason can't have a phone</li> </ul> The comments of BC Ferries is probably far worse than the filtering itself, since they say that Options for Sexual Education is PORN. In fact, the only other place with the crazy amount of filtering is probably the Vancouver Convention Center, who in 2009 hosted the Open Web Vancouver conference. The new convention center, which was built for the Olympics to be the Media Center, blocked websites such as UNICEF. (But not The thing is that I have no idea who they are trying to protect. The Children? As a parent, my kid wouldn't understand porn if they saw it, and most kids who are old enough to figure out what the hell a naked person is are old enough to talk about it with their parents. It's not the place of any government agency to protect anyone from reality. The world is awesome, but it is NOT a safe and clean space, and neither is the Internet. One person's idea of safe and clean is another person's censorship.