The RCMP Gazette: An interesting resource

While investigating the RCMP to see what has happened over the past few years, I’m finding some very interesting information on their website that I think is rather interesting. The RCMP seems to publish a Law Enforcement Magazine called The Gazette, and it’s been publishing this since 1935 according to the website. It appears that on the RCMP site, there’s a lot of interesting documents, ranging from topics such as Wiretapping and Lawful Access</a>, to the original purpose of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit - Joint Intelligence Group, which was to find Construction Fraud</a>. It would be good to find out when the mandate of the V2010ISU changed from Construction Fraud to the Criminalization of Dissent, however the Gazette seems to skirt around controversial topics and only talks about Human Rights when it benefits them.

There are other interesting, and funny articles, like the epidemic of Obesity among Police Officers</a>, the fact that the BC Supreme Court ruled that Warrantless “Emergency” Wiretapping, a practice of police from 2000 until 2008, was actually unconstitutional</a>. Scary things like the fact that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms may or may not apply to police investigating abroad</a>, which would then imply that the RCMP are doing covert operations as well as their other operations overseas.

Foreign agencies write many of the articles, and most of it is fluff and is not really worth sifting through. However, given the long publication history, it may be worthwhile to sift through the archives and see what other documents that we can find. Also, it generates fodder for additional ATIP requests (i.e. What is the ‘Covert Intercept Unit, HQ Special “I”’). The RCMP seem to be much more capable of shady covert operations, and questionable tactics than any other agency in the country. Of course, I’m not going to underestimate CBSA, CSIS or even Industry Canada.