The mystery of the G8/G20 Integrated Security Unit

So far this month, all the Access to Information and Privacy requests that I’ve been making have been revolving around the criminalization of dissent during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, it should be noted that there was an event in 2010 that stood out in the minds of most Canadians, and something that changed the way many Canadians view their country forever.

The video above is the moment that will stick in many people’s minds after the fact. Of course, there are still the people who support whatever the police do because they either don’t understand what the G20 is, and have been trained that people who protest are the problem, and not the elites who are behind the barricades looking to amass wealth and close the very businesses that these people work at. It should be noted that the G20 was the biggest mass arrest in Canadian history, and that the Toronto Police Service was portrayed as the people who were clearly responsible for this. This is why people are calling for Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair’s resignation, and this is why tensions are still VERY high in Toronto as this next clip shows: