My CSIS Response

I finally got a response from CSIS, you can read it here</a>.

I have a ton of questions for CSIS regarding this letter. It’s clearly a “we neither confirm or deny”. They say they did the search, but I have no clue whether they did search the file or not. I am fully aware that the file I requested was in one of those exempt Personal Info Banks, but it was worth asking anyway. The futility of the request wasn’t lost on me in any way.

I find that most people, myself included, have heard of CSIS, but we haven’t heard of anyone we know in the Vancouver area that’s been targeted by CSIS.  CSIS seems to be very active in Montreal, with activists being visited there</a>, and with the People’s Commission</a> being based out of Montreal.  However, other than the cases of Maher Arar, Omar Khadr and Abousfian Abdelrazik I know nothing about CSIS, and in fact most people have no idea about CSIS, or its history, partly because it’s such a young agency.

The only other thing I know about CSIS is that they are hiring</a>!  However, if you’re reading this blog, the likelihood that you would pass a CSIS security check is very, very slim.