V2010ISU Files: Just how many Anarchists are in Vancouver???

The Anarchist List is one of the least suprising/most fascist parts of my Privacy Act request. However, what may shock people is how long the file actually is, and what it contains. Below is a section of the file. If you look you will notice that there is a page number that was partially obscured.

Now, if you take the a look at the third page</a>, where the heading “ANARCHISTS” appears, you will see that this part of the list starts at Page 8. However, if you flip to the next page, you will see that I’m now on Page 12. That means that, assuming that they considered me an Anarchist at this point, Pages 9, 10 and 11 are ALL FULL of Anarchists, or at least people the RCMP consider Anarchists. The list keeps going until Page 15 when it is restarted. It then repeats again and I end up on Page 18 or 19 out of 22.

Furthermore, if you look at the font, this font is a Sans-Serif font. It’s a computer font, and computers usually don’t do formatting out of Database Dumps, which is what this is. The thing with Computer Records is that they could have additional information that has been commented out. However, assuming that they just had everyone’s full legal name, DOB and Address, and when I take this scan into a graphics program and measure how many pixels my entry takes up and compare it to the full height of the screen. It’s very possible that there are as many as 14 Anarchists per page, or 98 Anarchists, not including Anarchists who may be on Page 1, which would bring the count up to 100.

Remember that this count is JUST Anarchists. Not Indigenous Activists, Climate Change activists, the YCL, the people from, the Work Less Party or anyone else. This is a list of what the RCMP called Anarchists. Given the fact that these persons of interests are flagged on PRIME, which, from the RCMP website</a>, is the Police Records Information Management Environment, and is accessible by all BC law enforcement, including the Vancouver Police Department. That means that everyone who has access to PRIME has access to the list of Anarchists in PRIME.

The reason why I assume it’s all Anarchists is because if you look at the General Occurrence Information </a>where I’m tagged with the offense of “ZZZSPECIAL EVENTS-“ (It was illegal to sleep during the games?)</em>, my number if 487 and I’m on page 129 and 130 out of 191. I’m also on a 2nd incidence file of Page 82 of 124. I wish I could say that I didn’t know any other person on this list, but I do. Guillaume Beaulieu made a Privacy Act request the same way I did</a>, and while he got less records, and while the page numbers and his number was redacted (either by him, or by the RCMP), it seems that we are attached to the same file (GO#5000 2009-14666), and as such are most likely listed on the Anarchist list. If I’m on this list, and Guillaume are on this list, it’s safe to assume that everyone who we know is ALSO on this list.

We know for a fact that there were at least 486 other people being investigated prior to me, and that assuming a MINIMUM of two people per page, I there are probably are an estimated 125 people as well. Since these numbers are literally derived by measuring pixels in a graphics program, and looking at what was left out, I submitted an ATIP request for the full number of Persons of Interest, as well as for the full number of Anarchists that were being investigated by the V2010ISU-JIG. It’s really important that people request their files from the RCMP, since it’s clearly a LOT more than just the people who were visited by VISU.

Next time, I’ll have information on what I believe REALLY prompted the V2010ISU visits, since it’s clear if you read the files that it wasn’t any of their consultations.