My V2010ISU files released: The RCMP and their love of the absolutely mundane details of my life

I knew I was a person of interest when I was harassed by the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit, namely Constable Georges El-Azzi and Sgt. Grant</a>. However, I had no clue that I made it to the short list of individuals who were attempting to acquire fraudulent accreditation passes</a>, or that the RCMP, for a lack of a better term, was afraid that I was an “Evil Hacker”</a>, but it’s true. I received 80 pages of various printouts from Facebook from a group called the IIF</a>, which seemed to be a part of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit - Joint Intelligence Group. Their main concerns were my travel plans for 2008 and 2009, which involved going to the Chaos Communications Congress</a>, and Hacking at Random</a>. It also involved Toorcamp</a>, however nothing about my three hour stint at the border crossing at Blaine appeared, while all the details of my time at Montreal Trudeau Airport are right here</a>.

It’s true that I wanted to do research on the passes, but mainly because of the RFID privacy implications that happened at previous Olympic games. Am I dumb enough to try to enter with false accreditation to the Olympics? No. Do I want to prove that the emperor has no clothes, and that Olympic Security is a farce? Honestly, I think other people have done that with some of the research that I have done.

The documents make numerous references to the fact that I’m technically savvy, and that I go to Hacker Cons. In fact, when the paperwork isn’t reading “ZOMG ANARCHISTS”</a>, it’s reading “ZOMG SCARY HAXOR”. This seems to come from my Twitter feed, where I post about technology while I’m slacking off. What I find interesting is the last page where they talk about the “Vancouver Hackers Society” (it’s Vancouver Hack Space Society</a>) . It then talks about Makerfaire</a> in San Mateo, and then is completely blank, except with the section of the privacy act that says it’s redacted.

I first become a person of interest, because I used to volunteer for the Spartacus Books collective, and at one point was on the Board of Directors of the Society that actually owns the business license. The first page I saw was this hokey Google Map printout of Spartacus</a>, and documents indicating that I was a person of interest because I worked at the “Anarchist Bookstore” visited by many other persons of interest. At this time, it should be clear that every member of the Spartacus Books collective probably has a file with the Vancouver 2010 ISU, and should request it. I will have details below on the process.

Anyway, the IIF seems to have done most of the work, and they looked at my old blog</a> (being taken down due to move of services to Canada post-WikiLeaks) where I naively indicate that I’m going to Toorcamp, DEFCON</a> and HAR. I also talk about the Anarchist Bookfair circuit, and it’s clear that the Anarchist Bookfairs had V2010ISU agents at them as well based on the briefing file, and the other blog post. In fact, I believe the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair had a known RCMP mole, and I do suspect that there were people at the last Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair that I attended as well (“Hello, Officer Bikerstache”). All this talk of Anarchism (including my old “Venture Anarchism” blog post, where I mock Venture Capitalism and Venture Communism) has landed me on a list of Anarchists</a> that is in some RCMP database. I can think of other people who are on this list, but I can’t confirm it because it’s redacted.

Eventually, after reading my Twitter feed via Facebook a few times, and after all the harassment, they read the blog post where I say that I’m not going to do anything illegal because I didn’t want to be in jail when my daughter was born</a>. They also seemed frustrated that they couldn’t pin anything on me, although I’m certain that they tried.

Lessons Learned:</strong>

We learned the following things from this exercise: