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New Release: OccupyVancouver and Stephen Harper

Even though I’ve mostly stopped working on ATIP, I still have a series of ATIP requests pending and I finally got some files regarding OccupyVancouver’s protest at Science World. This event was a rather small event, and it was interesting to see the full security detail.

The documents go in detail about Holly Hendrigan and the damage to her bicycle, as well as print-outs from a blog of a person who is mostly known for harassing Occupy Vancouver</a>. There were some comments about how protective services couldn’t sort between families attending Science World. These docs are generally pretty predictable and boring, but in the interests of transparency, they’re included here.

For anyone who is permalinking to these documents, I’m going to be changing up the back-end so that it’s easier to host documents and is less expensive to host. This site won’t be going away, but there may be broken links from VMC. I personally hate it when links break, but at least the docs will still be available.

Click here</a> to download the file.

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Why S7 MUST be stopped

For the past couple of years, the Senate, you know, that appointed body of people who are either retired politicians or people who couldn’t get elected to office, worked on an Anti-Terrorism Bill. The bill has a list of goodies for the RCMP and local police, but here are the two worst things that it has:

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RCMP, Drones and You

Back in June of last year I requested everything the RCMP had on drones from the past three years, including agreements with the DHS. What I got back was a large 79.8 MB PDF talking about various drone studies and all the current plans the RCMP have for drones. It seems that the main use for drones is currently for traffic accidents. It details the various drones that certain divisions are using.

The uses that are listed by the RCMP for their Dragonfly drones specifically mention the following:

  • Tactical Troop: Perching and observing crowds, videotaping troop formations in training</li>
  • Major events: Observing crowd behaviour, flow of persons/traffic, pre-planning</li> </ul> One thing that the RCMP mention is that they don't intend to use it for surveillance, since they saw the backlash in the United States. The thing is that observing major events can be used as surveillance, for example, a protest march can be a major event, and while they may be saying that they're not conducting surveillance, this is really playing fast and loose with definitions. That being said, thanks to Transport Canada, drones can't be flown over groups of people, like in an urban setting like Occupy. Also, it seems that city councils could shut down possible drone usage. I doubt that this would happen where the RCMP have jurisdiction, but I would be interested in filing a similar request to the VPD to see what they're going to do with drones, and it'd be interesting to see how VPD plays out. Finally, the off-the-shelf nature of some of these drones is interesting. It seems that the OPP and the Saskatchewan RCMP are the leaders in adopting drones for use in Canada, with others lagging behind. It appears that much of the drones that are used by the RCMP aren't much different than those used by hobbyists. As usual, the file is below. I think this is the last of the outstanding RCMP requests that I received. A201204038_2013-02-05_06-48-48.PDF</a>

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