He observed that the images would no doubt trigger “knee-jerk anti-Americanism” and “paroxysms</strong> of moral outrage, a Canadian specialty,” - Excerpt from the US State Dept. Cable "08OTTAWA918"</em></p>

Paroxysms.ca is a blog/clearing house featuring writings of a far darker tone than a regular personal blog.  The subject matter of the blog will center mostly on "Canadian" issues, and will chronicle the steady decline into an autocratic state as well as the occasional post about WikiLeaks, and other projects related to radical transparency. This blog may include topics on Anarchism, movement building and other relevant issues as well.</p>

The picture is of the Red Gate, that had these nice 1984 posters up.  I thought they were pretty relevant, and since I took the picture, I get to use it.  I do wish those people weren't in the shot, but I hope they aren't identifiable!</p>